Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Eating the Frog

I recently watched a video called "Eat that Frog" I must say when I first read the title I said, "Who the devil WANTS to eat a frog?" Then I watched the video. It changed my life. Literally. I never realized how much stuff I was putting off because I didn't want to eat my frog. It is simple, if you eat your frog then it is all downhill from there. There is nothing else worse than eating the frog. By the way, frog is a representation of a task.

The video is about doing what is important. I want you to watch the video, so I don't want to disclose too much. But everyday I ask myself "am I eating my frog" One particular day I wondered to myself if I was eating my frog or avoiding it. I was avoiding it, when I picked up my frog it was already eaten! After that day I realized how important it was to eat my frog everyday.

You have to learn to eat the frog. It is hard, but if everything was easy then how would we be able to push ourselves to do better? We all know we can be better, but sometimes we need reminding. Eating the frog is one way to remind yourself that you are doing what needs to be done. You have a task to do, you accomplish that task, and if that task is a frog you eat it! We cannot be afraid of our frogs. We come across frogs everyday we simply don't want to eat, that is not an option for people like us. People like us eat our frogs and move on to the next one.

We must focus on a goal and let nothing, locust, frogs, or flies stop us. You are strong and wise if you let something small like a frog determine how you will spend your day what will you do when the task really matters?

Please go to the link above and watch the video. I promise it will help you keep going!

Amie Barr