Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Whole Lot of Mambo Jumbo

It is really crazy how life works when you think about it. I know I look back all the time and wonder how I got to where I am in life. Your past experiences always determine your future decisions. I know sometimes I think to myself "Oh, no! Not doing that, that was a HUGE mistake!" That statement keeps me out of a lot of trouble. But what happens when I am facing something totally new? What do I do then? The thing is I am facing many things right now. And judging from the unofficial survey of my friends and from the line at the unemployment offices, we all are. The other side to that is, some of them are brand new situations to me. I feel like I'm in a tornado sometimes. And I know the feeling is mutual, you may want advice on what to do, but I can only share how I'm doing it.

First, I have prioritized everything in accordance to what can be dealt with first. I ask myself if there is anything I can do about the problem. If there is nothing I can do then I usually rank this one farther down on my "list." This is either until the problem becomes one I can deal with or I have figured out how to break it down into smaller parts and deal with it that way. Once the problems are in a chronological order doesn't mean you won't think about them or forget about them, just the opposite, with the exception that you understand that it is on the back burner.

Second, if it is a problem I can handle, I don't complain about it I go ahead and take the steps necessary to start solving the problem. Honestly, I usually dive in head first, because the faster I deal with the "easy" problem, the faster I can move on to the more serious things. I usually rank this problem higher up on my list, because the solution is there. This is also the circumstance where most of the time I know what I need to do, I just don't want to. I will admit this step is not always easy, but it is essential to start working in order to reach your solution. At this point I try to not focus on my other problems, they are still there, but I don't let them consume me. Instead focus on how to solve this problem. And honestly, sometimes it's more like when. But be sure not to procrastinate too long, because you need to move on. [The tornado feeling I mentioned earlier comes from that feeling of consumption. You don't want to go around feeling like that. So one thing at a time.]

Third, uncharted territory. These problems are last on my list because I have to do a lot of thinking about them. The thoughts usually start with denial of some sort, but whole time I'm in denial I am going through my mental Rolodex of friends or friends of friends whom I've met trying to figure out who can help me. And this is something I recommend you do. Friends are valuable resources when it comes to council and advice. At least mine are. So I use them! But, there is a difference between complaining and seeking council. Just FYI.

As you can see this step takes quite a bit of work and I would venture to say goes in phases which is why it is ranked last. This problem requires too much work to rank it high. There is sometimes research involved, Google, friends, prayer, doctors. And most of the time a lot of questions. This problem has so many angles and one wrong move could be detrimental. And since you know this from past experience this decision needs to be well thought out. This is the problem that usually oozes into your thoughts the most. It is the one on the back burner that keeps bubbling over the red, thick, sticky goo on the stove top. This one is the Big Mambo Jumbo. This one is the one that will bring you to your knees in prayer. Or bring you to tears. The good news about Mambo Jumbo is that she will go away. The bad news is Miss Mambo Jumbo could be indirectly related to another problem you may be having. And if you think about Mambo Jumbo you can find some link from her to the "original problem" you are having. In fact, Mambo Jumbo and Whopper are related. I know I am usually trying to patch these 2 along and along while I deal with other small issues that arise. This is Life after all the problems don't stop. But I count my blessings everyday. Everyday. And it goes without saying I pray without ceasing...this too shall pass.

No matter what the problem is, I always seem to win. I come out of it alive and stronger than ever. I gain a new experience to share to help someone else. Sometimes I don't even notice that I have picked myself back up and started back down the road until my feet are tired again. This time, my feet are tired. It's time for another fight. And I know I can do this, because I have done so many things. I'm a survivor.

Keep Going my friend,


I'm not sure if the word "disclaimer" is the one I would use, but there certainly needs to be a correction. I took a pretty good amount of heat off the last blog I wrote on depression from someone really close to me. In fact, I hurt her really bad and I publicly apologize. I am no medical doctor and I have never been to medical school, so I am from here forward staying away from medical advice when it comes in direct contact with a medical condition. I certainly hope that despite the incorrect usage of the word depression the point of the blog was not lost.