Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Change In Perception

I speak from experience when I say that I have had some very bad days. Some days I want to just shut the door to my office and not even socialize with the ladies I work with. Just because I choose to inspire and motivate does not exempt me from being human, it just helps with the rough times. Yesterday, for example, was one of those days. I was just not having a good day, then my coworker got a phone call. A man that was very close to her family got killed. Not only did he die, but he died a very horrible death, on his wedding anniversary leaving behind two very small daughters. That put a whole new change in perception for my problems and what I was feeling.

You feel how you feel, that is fact. No one expects you to feel great all the time, but it is how you handle your feelings that makes you a champ or not. When you feel bad you can not commence to make others around you feel bad. If you are having a bad day, keep that to yourself, it is not your duty to go around trying to make others feel like you feel, that is selfish. And it is not fair to your family, your friends, or those around you trying to have a good day. You have to learn to push through those bad feelings and wait on your perception change. Perception changes happen all the time. Sometimes you may not see them, or you may not want to see them. But it is up to you to continue to look for the better in the bad. Those feelings will not last forever, just a moment, then it is a new day.

We take that new day and embrace it. We don't think about yesterday or tomorrow. Live in the present, once a day is gone, we can not get it back. What will you do with your new day? You don't want to waste your day doing something that is unproductive or negative. You don't want to spend your day with a bad attitude. You want to spend your day making yourself and others feel appreciated. There will be bad days, sad days, and mad days, but those days are few and far between. We will not look for those days, but when those days come we will look for perception changes so that we can get over that hump and move on to something new and exciting.

Tell someone a good joke or story. Spread joy and love not just because it is the Holidays, but because it is the right thing to do.

Keep Going...Amie

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