Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Faith, Belief, and Hope

We are all in a situation. Some of us cannot publicly disclose this situation due to company policies, personal issues, or some other reason. But I too am in a similar situation.

Faith, Belief, and Hope are strong words. We use them daily, but when we are actually in the face of losing our jobs, a divorce, losing a loved one, etc. It seems hard for us to actually put those words to use. We forget them, we forget what they mean. We forget how to use them correctly in our lives.

Faith, Belief, and Hope are words that belong together no matter your situation; no matter your status. I have heard millionaires use the words, and I have also heard people who live pay check to pay check use them. The thing about these words are that they are all powerful and we must remember what they mean in the face of adversity. When you wake one morning to find that you no longer have your job, what will you have Faith in?

Not only do I have Faith in myself; I have Faith in God. If you believe in another higher being, have Faith that they will lead you where you need to be. Sometimes it is easier to say that you have Faith than actually have it. It sounds good, "I have faith." But the fact of the matter is if you have Faith then you have to have it ALL the time, not just when it is convienient for you. Faith must lead you in good times and in bad. It is the bad times that make us put our Faith to the test.

The interesting thing about Belief is that it can change. For the longest time people believed that the Earth was flat. Until someone came along and said, "Hey, let me test that theory!" When theories are tested beliefs are changed. I like for my theories to be tested. I like to wake up in the morning and have a challenge so that I can put my Belief to the test. You can not be afraid to have your Belief put to the test. This test is anything that can cause you to question your Belief, but my Belief always wins these tests. I am not afraid to be tested because I know that my Belief will withstand the test of time. Will yours?

Hope. Hope is strongly tied into Faith and Belief. When you look them up in the dictionary, they are in each other's definitions. They are independent; yet they do not stand alone. I Hope as you read this, you understand the importance of the 3. I Hope that you believe another day will bring better outcomes. I Hope you have Faith in yourself and God. I Hope you have Faith, that this road you are on will lead you swiftly and smoothly to your next one.

We cannot know what tomorrow will bring. We must learn to use our power words and believe in them. I have not been wrong in believing in them yet. I will continue to have Faith and Hope and Believe with all my heart that the only thing to do as long as I live is Keep Going.

Below is an inspirational movie just to help you refocus on the positive. Enjoy!

Keep Going,
Amie Barr

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