Friday, December 12, 2008

What's On Everyone's Mind

I understand the economy is on every one's mind. It is on mine. I sat in my car this evening thinking about what I could do to pull in more money, I have stopped getting my nails done, I have turned off my cable, I have pulled my home phone down to 4.99 per month, what else is there? Sell your soul maybe...then I got to thinking if everyone in America is feeling what I am feeling then this is bad. I can sit in my car and feel sorry for myself in an economy that I can do absolutely nothing about, or I can get up and wipe myself off and keep going.

I choose to keep going. I hope those reading this choose this option too. I listen to the financial advisers who say "don't take your money out of the stock market!" or "the economy will get out of this crisis soon!" Personally, I can't say if they are right or wrong, there are no magic answers to the questions looming over every one's head; I just know that we as a people can not give up. We have to pull together to make sure that we do make it through this crisis. We are strong and we are people who are going to see a brighter day despite the trials and tribulations. This will get us to the good times and we will enjoy them.

You can not go through life counting the things that are wrong. That is easy, but I guarantee we will never stop counting, we will never stop complaining, we will never stop worrying. At some point we will have to make the hard choice and say that is enough and move on to what really matters. In this lesson of the economy what are we learning? We can blame others all day long, but in the end we are all in this together. What are the lessons you want to take from this situation?

Make a list of the things you are thankful for. Look at it daily, let this list inspire you and drive you to better thoughts, better places, better things.

Keep Going...A

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kbfenner said...

Every crisis is an opportunity. If stock values are down, think of it as a sale on stocks, if you have the money. Companies with solid businesses and assets are not worthless even if they go out of business. The same is true if you lose your job. You still have value: skills and assets like a sparkling personality or diligent work habits.
We attract what we seek, so look for the good stuff. Great blog, Amie!