Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Creating Control

It amazes me that when it is time to write a new blog you constantly keep your eyes open for something to write about. Your antenna are always in the air listening to what somone says and hoping it will bring inspiration. There are so many hot topics to write about, but what do you say is the question. What can I say to inspire you to be the best person you can be? Today, I decide to write about control.

Control is one of those things that everyone has and depending on the situation you're in depends on how much (control) you have. I have been in situations where the control was all mine, and in others where the control is entirely up to the other person. When you work a job, who has all the control? At some point we have to stop being afraid and take control into our own hands. Life is about freedom. We went into two wars over freedom (American Revolutionary War, 1775–1783; Civil War, 1861-1865). We as America even fight for other people that we believe need to be free. Granted, there are rules we need to follow as human beings, but if we are living in the land of freedom where all dreams come true, why are we so afraid to dream?

Mexicans, Asians, Indians, and all nationalities flocked here in order to partake in our dream; not steal it from us. But somehow, we Americans have decided that it is no longer okay to dream and certainly not to follow them. I watch the news every morning and see how the CEO's of large corporations have taken billions of dollars in bonuses and we, the employees are mad, upset, hurt over this. Do not mistake me-I too am outraged. But what has stopped me from acheiving my dreams? Me. I am the reason I am where I am. I choose this life. You chose yours and now it is time to start dreaming again. The dream does not stop here. This is where I take control of my life and I push forward to the next level. At what point will you take control?

Now is the time, yes, in the ression, to take control. Everyday I wonder about my job security. Just as I am sure you do. And everyday I think what can I do to revamp myself and take control of my situation. We cannot let this ression control us, we must take control and show this ression who is boss. I will not let this beat me; you cannot let it beat you. Together we will get through this. We are stronger than this weak economy. Control is now ours. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking you are safe, you are never safe. Do not let your guard down, continue to keep your head up, and keep going.

Remember when I said control is ours, here is how: There were a few ideas that I have had concerning the "bad economy". The economy, as we know, will not stay bad forever.

Invest. Yes, I said invest. I have heard several "comfortable" people say that in an ecomomy like this you have to look at everything as if it were on sale. That is good, if you have money, but for regular people like us-it is not that simple. So, I say gather some of your closest friends, get one or two of them to do some research (see links below), pool some money together and invest in some stocks. We put money into these companies, we should get some back.This situation is only temparary. Stocks will only be "on sale" for a limited time. When you and your friends invest, keep the money there through the highs and lows, wait 3 years (or more if you want), you will be flooding my inbox with thank you emails.
A Few Companies and Prices (per share)
Krispy Kreme (KKD) 1.42
Time Warner Cable (TWX) 8.27
Wal Mart (WMT) 49.83
Disney (DIS) 17.67
Bank of America (BAC) 5.96

Marketing. There are several companies out there that require you to work for yourself...dosen't that sound like a dream? Take it from me, it is. Get your money together and invest in yourself. I have watched my parents build several companies from the ground up and do it well. My mother now is one of the top leaders in a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company. Create your own destiny. I cannot stress that enough. I will be looking for my emails when you thank me for this one too!

There are several other things that you can do. These are just two of my ideas. You have to decide that you are going to take matters into your own hands. Take control. I promise you will thank me later.

Keep Going!!!
Amie Barr

Links to some financial information. This is information for stock prices, and some links on how to get started if you are interested.


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you mentioned marketing, Amie.
"Bad" is a relative term. A person can make the best out of any situation with which he or she is presented. I know, as a result of personal experience, that home-based businesses are thriving. I have two home-based businesses. My mom and dad are a part of a business called National Companies, which has provided our family with residual, secondary income.

As an Independent Beauty Consultant, I (nor the 1.7 million people like me) aren't worrying about being unemployed in this "bad" economy.
The company has experienced an increase in sales. The company has seen a forty percent spike in women signing up to sell. It has been proven that in times of a "bad" economy, people continue to buy cosmetics and cigarettes.
Although people are tightening their budgets this year, people are still spending and making money. It's up to us to find the "good" in this "bad" economy.

Here's a link for anyone who's unemployed or looking for another source of income: http://www.the33tv.com/pages/video/?clipId=3039259&topVideoCatNo=undefined&c=&autoStart=true&activePane=info&LaunchPageAdTag=homepage&clipFormat=.

Here's another one too: http://cbs4. com/4yourmoney/ Mary.Kay. New.2.884776. html